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The Preventative Medicine Lecture Series has started again for 2012. These free lectures are geared towards teaching you how to improve your own health.
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The HCG Weight Loss Cure
Learn about a breakthrough in safe and effective weight loss using HCG. Read more about Dr. Sheppard's Pharmaca lecture last November on this topic.

Preventing Cancer
Learn about the breakthroughs in understanding of what causes cancer and how to prevent it, including challenges from your environment, heavy metals, and estrogens. Learn the optimal mechanisms for phased detoxification.

Nutritional Absorption and Optimal Health
The food you eat is broken down into the essential nutrients your body needs in order to restore your health, give you energy, and detoxify your system. You may be eating three meals a day, but not be absorbing the nutrients you need.  Learn why you may not be absorbing nutrients properly.  Learn about the importance of phenolics, vitamins, minerals and hormones and how to truly absorb the food you eat.

Allergy Free, Naturally!
Have you ever felt “sensitive” to certain foods?  Did you know that food allergies, if untreated, can lead to environmental allergies such as reactions to pollens or pet dander?  Underlying food allergies may be the cause of many unwanted symptoms and diseases.  Asthma, arthritis, and Crohn’s disease are some examples of the devastating effects of allergies.  Learn how these sensitivities can be neutralized to allow you to lead a healthier lifestyle that is free of pain and disease.

Women’s Health
Women have unique metabolisms, complex hormonal balances, and subtle vitamin, mineral and nutritional needs.  At the same time, there are a few simple rules you can follow through the stages of life that will allow you to live healthy and disease-free, by boosting your body’s natural systems to increase your stamina, strengthen your constitution, and build your reserves.

Heavy Metal Detoxification
Modern life subjects all of us to unusually high levels of toxins, pesticides, fossil fuel derivatives, heavy metals, and stress.  Many of these toxins can mimic hormones, blocking your natural hormones from doing their work; this affects the physiology of your endochrine system.  This, in turn, shuts down core pathways our body uses to replenish and rebuild cells.  There are a wide variety of detoxification products on the market; but what is positive for one person may be negative for another.  Learn more about how to specifically detoxify heavy metals, environmental chemicals, and metabolic waste from your system.

Download some of Dr. Sheppard's lectures here.